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Providing a safe, smart, and reliable way to enhance both security and access in multi-user buildings.

Utilizing video calling, remote access, and keyless entry, Reach Data Center Solutions's smart video intercom system makes building access safer and more convenient for all. Whether it's a guest, a delivery or someone unexpected, tenants physically see and speak with their visitors in real-time, and can allow access from anywhere using a smart device. Our multi-user intercom system and smartphone app are cloud based, easy to use, and efficient. 

Smart Video Intercom

Model: VIS-S7CR

Multi-tenant Intercom

Let’s visitors search a directory of tenants and place a call to their individual apartment unit.


Video Calling

Visitors use the intercom to start a one- way video call to your smart device. You can hang up, mute the call, or open the door. If you tilt your phone, you can see more around your visitor.


Enhanced Security

Enabling two-way audio with one-way video protects the tenant's privacy while visually verifying and speaking to guests and managing deliveries before access is granted. This is especially convenient for buildings without a front desk or security guard that want to ensure the safety of tenants.


Convenience For All

Our multi-tenant door intercom system is simple to use for guests, while the smartphone app is user friendly and intuitive for tenants. Together they allow reliable safe access, management of deliveries, and best of all remote entry.


Cloud Based

No wires and simple connectivity make installation easy and access seamless.


Smart Keys

Keyless entry means lost keys and lockouts are a thing of the past. Simply enter your user code or use your smart device to gain access.

Remote System Management

Building managers can easily edit and update tenant information, view entry logs, or manage building entryways remotely at any time.

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