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Our goal is to provide effective solutions that facilitate increased security and efficient accessibility to data center server racks and facilities for both internal and outside service contractors.

Reach Data Center Solutions will manage granular management down to the individual door or side panel on a rack, access to the larger cages which house multiple racks of equipment and offer integration to your on-prem access solutions and existing video management solutions.

Using the combination of touch-less access control, visitor management and advancements in biometrics we plan to bring to market the Reach Data Center Solutions, specifically tailored to meet data center compliance needs.


Our B-Secure Product Line

Biometric Reader and Controller

Reach DCS BRMPFQ0-HL-angle.png

Model: BRM-PFQ0-HL

Industry Leading Design and User Experience

Built with a slim, sleek aesthetic, a 2.4" high resolution touchscreen with intuitive UI design, and a durable tempered glass and aluminum alloy enclosure


Efficient Multi-factor Authentication

Featuring remote user enrollment through palm, face, card and/or QR code recognition


Multi-Biometric Technology (Palm and Vein as well as Face)

Visible and NIR infrared recognition technology ensure exceptional accuracy and anti-spoofing protection


Advanced Security and Protection

Uses AES-128 encryption standards and secure OSDP(V2.1.7) over RS485 communication and supports real time monitoring and tamper detection of all rack and cabinet doors, sides and tops


Certified IP66 Water, Dustproof, & Weatherproof Protection 

Enabling operation within -20°C to 60°C/ -4°F - 140°F


Easy Install and Compatibility

Suited for rack cabinet and mullion-mount door installations, uses 12-24v input voltages or optional POE splitter - Model PSMini12v, and supports various card types using 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz frequency credentials

Electronic Locking
Swing Handle

Modular H3-EM (1)-6.png

Model: SL-25150

Advanced Dual Security System

Provides intelligent locking and monitoring capabilities (including keyway use override) 


State of the Art Design

Features an efficient microprocessor- controlled gear motor design


Energy Efficient

Ensures minimal power consumption


The Package - Multi-Function Compatibility

Reach solutions can be used as a standalone system, integrated with an existing building access control system or supplied as a fully networked solution enabling remote monitoring and audit trail reporting, granting access for personnel and visitors while meeting all compliance needs

Indoor and Outdoor Rated Multi-Tech Smart Reader Bundle

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